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Are social startups running to the end? Smartphones may have the answer.

George Colony, CEO of renowned firm Forrester Analyst, recently argued that Social is running out of hours. “Social is also running out of people” stated Colony at Paris during LeWeb Conference that took place last 7, 8 and 9th of December. According to Colony´s statements, Social Market has just touched its bottom and would be seem a saturated market where startups would not have any opportunity to beat users from main social players, I mean Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Nevertheless, he´s not held to be a good analyst by LeWeb´s panel of judges for the Startups Competition, 2nd and 3rd place winners were social networking applications niche. 2nd place winner was HeyCrowd with an application to find out what crowds around you think, and 3rd place winner was Babelverse putting people and companies that need real time translation together. They are the very essence of social networking software as a service representing a valid solution for both corporate and consumer market.

It seems a fact that people do not have any extra time for social networking. Regarding saturation, Colony´s firm found out that 86 percent of the people have adopted social networking services. It means there is no way to increase users inside social networks, in fact we are a little short of time to spend minutes interacting with our confidence circles, tweets or blogs.

Source: Forrester

Forrester´s analysis shows an example of a real saturated market for social media: certain urban areas of India or Russia are at 98 percent of saturation in terms of social networking penetration. Colony even goes beyond what his analysis unveils. “We are in a bubble for social startups,” he said. When it bursts, “this is going to sweep away some of the nonsense, like FourSquare. Startups should take a look inside Forrester´s analysis details but I do not think they should be concern that social networking has no opportunities for new good projects. There are lots of possibilities in the mobile arena, mainly when smartphone´s penetration ratio is increasing day by day worldwide. There is a true opportunity for enterprising minds even at social networking services niche. Social Media Applications overtake the saturated market and opens a wide window, facing future as a great business in the middle of the Eurozone’s financial turbulences. Time is gold in a saturated market, but mobile digital devices will be open new time slots where few years ago there would be no chance.

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